Cardano Student Developer's Syllabus and Collection of Software, Tools, and Learning Materials

This collection of bookmarks has been ordered to form a syllabus for anyone that wishes to become a Cardano developer.
I am not a Cardano developer but I hope to become one.
I have started my journey by making this document as my road map.
Now it's time to follow the map.
If anyone has links which should be included here, please point me to these.
Also please consider that this document can easily be modified by anyone and redistributed to the community.
The result could become a high quality course syllabus that anyone could follow to become a Cardano Developer.
Much thanks to all the people that created this amazing content.

If you didn't write or audit the code yourself then you don't know for sure what the code is going to do.
For this reason, you must assume that all these libraries have been hacked and might be used to steal your money.
Use a hardware wallet, and follow the general advice found at this link to avoid having your funds stolen.
A hardware wallet, if used correctly, will prevent theft of your funds even if you are using a hacked computer with malware installed.


  • Cardano Staking

  • Stake Pool Operator

  • Other Projects